All stylists at Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist are thoroughly mentored by Melanie herself in the specialised art of MMBrow Styling. All staff under-go intense training prior to moving into the role as brow stylist. Melanie’s dedicated and talented team uphold the highest quality and standards as seen on Instagram @melaniemarriseyebrowstylist Together as a team, our goal is to create your #browgoals and to ensure that your experience in our studio is one to brag about!!


The MMBrow

Melanie has developed a unique, custom method of brow styling using her very own professional line, Brow Code www.browcode.com The MMBrow is highly renowned and recognised in the beauty and brow industry around the globe



All appointments at Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist have a duration of 30 minutes.


What to consider when booking an appointment:

-Please ensure there is no fake tan on the skin as this can affect the result of your tint. Please allow 24 hours after your brow appointment to tan.

-If you are using any Vitamin A/Retin A based skin care, please discontinue this use for at least 4 days prior. These products can make your skin extremely sensitive to the wax.

-If you are using any skin medications please ensure your stylist or admin is informed.


The Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist process

This exclusive service commences with a thorough consult to ensure you understand the direction we are going in to restore and restyle your brows the MM way. This is your chance to mention any concerns you may have.

Using the highest quality professional brow styling products by Brow Code www.browcode.com including our world renowned high grade hot wax, the team of Brow Queens at Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist will restyle your eyebrows like never before.

Your desired shade of Brow Code Tint will then be specifically mixed to pick up the fine hairs throughout the brow, slightly or deeply darken your hair colour and shape and frame your face. The Brow Code range of tint allows us to create a variation of shades to suit you.

Please be aware that tint can appear darker for the first 48 hours after your treatment, this allows a longer lasting brow. Any unwanted residue will wash off when you cleanse your face.


The result

The reaction we receive when we hand our clients the mirror is like no other! It is something each and everyone one of stylists look forward to. Your brows will be transformed into an amazingly groomed and styled set of soft, subtle or defined arches. You will have a low maintenance brow in which we always suggest 4-5 weekly appointments to ensure your new set of brows do not fall out of shape. You just wait, the compliments will start flowing in!!


How to maintain your Melanie Marris eyebrows

Many of our clients desire the “straight out of the studio” finish and often ask us how they are able to maintain the fresh tint feeling. To pro-long your tint, we recommend that you do not cleanse over the brow or use any makeup wipes or chemicals on the area in between treatments.

My Brow Code 24hrBrow Pomade is also recommended after your treatment as you are left with a clear guide line to fill and feather the product through.

Your stylist will also correctly mentor you on how to fill in any gaps or desired areas of growth to ensure you are correctly filling your brow in-between appointments. Our method will ensure that you use the pomades with confidence, leaving your brows looking exceptionally natural using life like hair strokes.

It is also important when using waterproof brow products such as the Brow Code pomades that you carefully remove this each night with a gentle makeup remover.

Please see our price menu below:



All first time clients $75.00

All follow up appointments $55.00


All first time clients $75.00

All follow up appointments $65.00

Cancellation Policy:

We will require a minimum of 24 hours notice on all appointment cancellations. If you are unable to make your appointment, please ensure you notify admin at MMES. We value all of our new and existing clients and are very grateful for your business.
Late cancellations or no shows will incur a 50% charge added to your next visit.
We look super forward to styling your eyebrows and seeing you in on of our four locations in Australia!