From a young age, Melanie knew her path in life would be one of creativity and glamour.

Trusting her instincts, Melanie decided to leave school at 16 to pursue her career aspirations.  After undertaking a Diploma of Beauty Therapy, Melanie dedicated six years to working full time within the industry, gaining experience in all aspects of the trade.

As a beauty therapist, Melanie found her passion for perfecting client’s brows to enhance their best features. She found it immensely rewarding to see the positive change a flawlessly shaped arch could make to a client’s confidence. At the time, brows were considered a standardised, express beauty service. Melanie realised her passion for brows had the potential to change the way the service was delivered, envisaging a premium and individualised experience for clients.  Using her artistic talent, Melanie worked to refine her techniques for shaping and sculpting brows. She invested her free time into developing a custom method in tinting and waxing, to create a brow that was unique to each client, perfectly complementing their features.

This soon turned into an art form, which came to be known as the Melanie Marris (‘MM’) method.


As she shared her technique with peers, it was obvious that Melanie’s passion for brows was mutual amongst her friends and clients, which inspired her to create a specialist eyebrow service which focused exclusively on her unique method of brow styling. The launch of Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist (‘MMES’) in 2012 was a humble and low key affair. For two years, Melanie worked as a sole trader, operating out of a sub-leased beauty room and generating a loyal clientele through her one of a kind technique. Melanie’s reputation was built from the ground up, trusting in her skill and determination to carve out a niche market Australia-wide.


From the start, Melanie had a vision to share her method of brow styling with women and provide them with exceptional customer service. She recognised the power of social media to achieve this, and has continued to use it as her key marketing strategy. Melanie takes pride in being the creative force behind her brand and takes responsibility for all content and replies to followers.  While this might not be the typical for most business-owners, Melanie values the opportunity to directly interact with her clientele, to understand their needs and ensure 100% client satisfaction.


Retaining an authentic voice on social media has enabled MMES to grow with an incredibly loyal clientele, spanning across the world, who represent the MMES brand like no other.   These dolls have influenced MMES to become what it is today and they continue to motivate Melanie in her quest to conquer the brow game!


By 2013, Melanie was receiving hundreds of appointment requests daily.  It was time to take the leap into establishing her first independent studio.  

After an extensive search to find the perfect studio, Melanie secured a retail space in the inner city suburb of Bayswater. Although the lead up to opening the studio was incredibly exciting, it was also a 24/7 grind. In between accommodating an at-capacity client list, she worked behind the scenes to design and construct the glamorous and vibrant space that MMES is renowned for today.

Expansion of the business meant finding dedicated and passionate individuals to join the team.  Each and every one of the staff at MMES receives thorough training, with on-going guidance and support from Melanie, to perfect their skills in creating the MM signature brow.


Along the way, Melanie has come to appreciate that a major key to ensuring client satisfaction is to mentor staff committed to the values and vision that embody the MMES brand.   Today, MMES employs a dedicated group of 15, empowering an ever-growing team to rep MMES across Australia.  This is one of Melanie’s proudest accomplishments as a business-owner.


Reaching this height of success has not been without its challenges. Expanding into new ventures and building a strong team involved a degree of trial and error, and circumstances outside of Melanie’s control. When faced with these challenges, Melanie has chosen to learn from each situation and use it as motivation to consider new opportunities or raise the bar even higher.


These learning curves inspired Melanie to set her sights on something she previously dreamed of and but knew she could make a reality – cracking the East Coast market.


Melanie drew on her previous experience of building from the ground up, to successfully enter the Melbourne market in 2015. She scouted a range of locations through hosting pop-up stores across the Melbourne CBD. During this phase, Melanie travelled constantly from Melbourne to Perth, each time accompanied by a stylist.  Slowly but surely, the hype around the MM Method gained momentum through social media and word of mouth. By early 2016, MMES had well and truly carved out a name for itself in Melbourne. Persistence had paid off and the first independent, East Coast Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist studio opened in Richmond.

By the time the Richmond studio opened its doors, the demand for expansion along the rest of the East Coast was increasing by the day. In the same way Melanie’s unique “MM” brow method led the industry in Perth and Melbourne, an incredible amount of hype is currently spreading throughout Gold Coast and Sydney. The company’s large following and clientele are becoming well established in both locations. Melanie Marris and her elite entourage are focused on strengthening the brand Australia wide, with the anticipation higher than ever to construct another two luxurious MMES studios within Gold Coast and Sydney. Be sure to stay tuned to all social forums for any further updates.


Expansion cannot be achieved without empowering a team of women who are like minded, honest and driven. Melanie is incredibly proud of her management team, who oversee the day-to-day running of her studios. Mutual respect, loyalty, and excitement for the MMES vision are essential to the continued success in each State.


MMES is now recognised on an international level by industry elites. 


Melanie’s focus and determination for growing MMES through social media has exposed her brand to millions of followers worldwide. The MM Method receives thousands of views per day via Instagram, with leading international beauty bloggers confirming MMES’s status as a rising star amongst the most exclusive tier of online beauty bloggers. Recently, she has toured the United States to meet with some of the biggest names in beauty, and is pursuing projects which will enable her to share her experience as a renowned brow stylist with beauty queens across the world.


Beauty pro’s and women who aspire to share their original and unique business concepts with the world reach out to Melanie every day for advice.

“When I realised my highly sought-after brow talent had transformed into a trade, I created a strong vision. I never allowed distractions get in the way of what I wanted to accomplish. Turn your set-backs into motivation and learn from each and every mistake.  This will keep you true on your path to the higher place you are destined to be.”


Melanie finds inspiration in self-made entrepreneurs who recognised the potential in their unique talents, and constantly innovate to bring their vision into existence. This inspiration was a driving force for Melanie to launch her new product line, Browcode. After five years dedicated to establishing MMES Australia-wide,  the launch of Browcode will see MMES take on the retail game, with a product that delivers to the exceptionally high standard that MMES is renowned for.


In response to the many queries she receives each day, Melanie recently announced the international expansion of MMES, with the launch of bespoke Masterclasses in 2017.  The MMES Masterclasses will be an opportunity for Melanie to mentor aspiring brow artists through teaching the sought after MM Method – in not just Australia – but New York, Los Angeles and Dubai.


Melanie’s final word of advice, which she believes is vital to anyone with the ambition to achieve long-term success, is to stay true to your values.


“Integrity is everything. I believe your key purpose should be to make a positive impact on the world and maintain your integrity in achieving that. Success will follow.”


Brow Code is the result of many years dedication from Melanie, to create a product line she was proud to put her signature to.


After conquering the brow game with the opening of three studios across Australia, Melanie was ready to take the MMES brand to another level.  Her goal was to share her in demand technique to inspire solo artists worldwide.   This has been achieved through the creation of Brow Code – a high quality professional line of brow styling tools for industry pros.


Melanie pioneered a unique method of brow styling that has become highly sought after both in Australia and internationally. Her vision for Brow Code was to innovate in a way that the brow industry had not done before.

Brow Code is the result of many years dedication from Melanie, to create a product line she was proud to put her signature to. Every aspect of Brow Code has been overseen by Melanie, with her commitment extending to over 18 months to refine each ingredient, perfecting the formula.


“I am 100% in love with my new line Brow Code. It is everything I envisiaged and more. There is no doubt in my mind that Brow Code will be an incredible success.  Combined with my guidance to beauty industry pros, Brow Code will become an essential and much loved cosmetic for everyday use”