From day one, this has been Melanie’s philosophy for herself, and her business.  Of utmost importance to Melanie is to see this philosophy resonate through her staff to create a supportive, dynamic atmosphere that enhances the client experience.

“I am a huge believer in creating a positive environment, a space where your team can excel, grow and strengthen, both personally and professionally. You spend 80% of your life working-The change I wanted to create in my career was making it as enjoyable as it can be”

With this in mind, Melanie has invested her faith and time into building a team who share her vision to build the MMES brand.

 “My drive and determination to expand has included finding an array of other like-minded and motivated individuals. When creating my team, I carefully select those who are passionate about my brand, show initiative to provide the company with innovative ideas and bring a bubbly and fresh feel to the team”

The satisfaction Melanie gains from empowering a team goes beyond fulfilling her business goals. Alongside achieving these goals, an immense source of pride for Melanie is mentoring each member of her staff, to grow their abilities and build confidence.

“Each year my team goes from strength to strength! As I grow, so do they! This is the most powerful feeling. Watching my team excel, receive compliments on their incredible talents and evolving into strong women brings me so much joy”

It is this joy that drives Melanie to seek out staff who are aligned to the MMES philosophy, to realise their potential while supporting one another, continuously elevating MMES from the client level through to international expansion and beyond.

“Team work to me isn’t just about working well together. It is about taking on a larger work load for the day without hesitation, to simply help another peer and ensure things are running smoothly. It is rare to find people who truly value your journey and success. I believe it is about inviting them on the journey with you and making them feel a part of it all”

With success comes a risk that standards may be compromised. Melanie fiercely guards her business and staff against this risk by placing a focus on honour and integrity as key principles.

“I have always run my business with a mind-set that every single client is just as important as the next. Success is only as long lasting as your commitment to maintaining your standards. When mentoring my staff, I emphasise that integrity is everything in business. Hold your values high”

Melanie is incredibly proud to have created a team that embody entrepreneurial spirit to represent the MMES brand. For future team members of MMES, Melanie has this final word of advice on resilience and authenticity.

“Something I learnt throughout my journey as an entrepreneur is not to take things personally, but to stay true and add your personal touch to every part of what you do. It is a valuable lesson – one which I ingrain into my team to create an atmosphere that fosters inspiration and innovation, to push the boundaries of success”