Frequently Asked Questions




Let one of the most in-demand Brow Stylists in the world mentor and guide you through the exclusive MM VIRTUAL BROW MASTERCLASS

I You will be sure to advance your skill set, develop a more thorough application and technique whilst having a new-found eye for detail after completion.

The first of its kind by Melanie Marris, a purely brow focused Masterclass that showcases the unique mastery and theory behind the MM Method including secrets used to create her famous brows.

Acquire the tips and tricks, the knowledge and the products throughout this series, to deliver results like Melanie Marris Eyebrow Stylist.


Simply complete Melanie’s Brow Masterclass and submit your certificate of completion upon filling out your registration on www.browcode.com

1. Who is the Brow Masterclass for?

The Brow Masterclass is for ANYONE wanting to master a new skill.

It is completed mainly by trained professionals in the beauty industry who are wanting to focus on the art of brow styling or better their current brow styling techniques.

2. Where do I purchase the Brow Tint Kit?

You can purchase the Brow Tint Kit and all Brow Code products designed by Melanie at: www.browcode.com.au
Brow Code ship worldwide and have distribution available in most countries around the world.

3. When will Series 2 be out? What is it? How many series are there?

Melanie has only launched Series 1 at this stage. Please take the time to appreciate and learn this step.
Tinting, the MM Method was the most in demand of Melanie’s unique skills. This was the first focus for Melanie, to create the MM Tinting Masterclass for you all. These productions take hours upon hours to create and each step takes time for you to learn and master. Brow Styling is an art. The process cannot be learnt in one simple step.
Please stay tuned to her social pages in 2019 for any updates.

4. Does the $249.50 AUD cover ALL series?

The $249.50 AUD is for Series 1 only.
Melanie has not yet released pricing or how many other series there will be. Please stay tuned to her social pages in 2019 for any updates.

5. Do we get a Certificate?

Yes, Melanie awards everyone who has completed her Masterclass with a Certificate of Completion (all Certificates will be sent in 7 days of purchase).

6. Will Melanie advertise us on her website?

Melanie is always looking for talented artists around the world to recommend her following, fans and clients to. Melanie would love to feature as many of you as she can. A follow up email will be sent out to you where you will be able to fill out all of the information for the possibility of this opportunity.

7. Can we use this skill right away?

Of course you can!!
You can implement this into your brow treatments immediately. You will notice a HUGE improvement on how thorough you become with your tinting skills.

8. Do we get unlimited access to this Masterclass?

Yes of course! You can log into your subscription at any time.

9. How much do you recommend to charge for this?

You can charge out what ever you like for your skill. Melanie recommends for this kind of precision tinting on it’s own that you can charge out at anywhere from:

  • $25aud-35.00aud – 10-15 mins
  • For the luxury full brow treatment – 30 mins
  • $55-$75aud Follow up appointments
  • $75-$90aud Restyles

(Each country/demographic will vary)

10. How many brows do I have to do to cover the cost of this course?

If you base this off my pricing, it is under 7 brow Restyles

11. Is this tax deductible?

Yes; see your tax advisor for any further queries and be sure to keep your receipts for tax time.

12. Do you ever answer questions AFTER we finish the Masterclass?

Melanie takes all feedback into consideration after every single Masterclass. It is what helps develop the Series into exactly what you guys want to see, learn and experience. You are welcome to leave a question or two on the review form which you will get emailed to you after purchase of your Series. Melanie will then select the most frequently asked questions and attempt to add them into the following Series for you or at times address them in a separate forum or email.

13. Does Melanie actually do much with the Masterclass?

Melanie is very hands on throughout the entire process of the Masterclass as she is with all three of her companies!! From BTS, to organising the filming, voice overs, directing the editing process, perfecting finer details, music, wording, reading all reviews, creating the information on the webpage and so much more. Melanie has a talented team who assists her with this who understands her vision also 110%.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy this learning experience! For any further queries please email customer service: masterclass@mmeyebrowstylist.com